mercredi 8 février 2017

My differents dreams and hope for the future


For this new blog i choosed  to speak about my differents dreams and hope for the future .

Personally when I was little I had a lot of dreams and wishes for the future ;and the main
thing was to have a good job and be able to make a good living with my family,
As well as traveling and going around the world...
It was when I was small, but now I have become a little more realistic, and I knew that to be able to realize what I want I have to start now.

I decided to work well so that I could integrate the faculty of medicine and choose a specialty to be able to have my own practice, and help people to heal ,also to participate in a lot of conference all over the world , so like this i will have a good salary and can go where ever i want .

For me the most important thing in life is to love what one does to do it well ,alsoto have a model to follow to achieve its goal.
And my model is my mother who had made a lot of sacrifice and persevered in order to have what she wanted. And that's what I plan to do .
For conclusion, i'd like to say; if you like what you practice you'll be brilliant in any field.

5 commentaires:

  1. You said what you wanted to travel and become a kind of doctor. Have you narrowed what field in health you are going to take? And do you have any specific places you want to travel?

    1. Hii, i dont know yet what kind of doctor i want to become, and i hope to travel to different place in the world specially islands

  2. Hi Fatima , I'm Rosalie you mentioned you found a passion for the field in medicine what has inspired you to take that career ?

    1. Hi Rosalie , i think the thing that inspired me the most are the documentaties that i watch sometimes, and i have members of my family in this field .

  3. Hello Fatima I also have an interest in medicine but I want to be a veterinarian. I really like your outlook on your future you will do great things! :)