mardi 15 novembre 2016

Hello,i'm Fatima zahrae 15 years old
In this new blog i will talk about my favorite singer. 
My favorite artist is Adele, i love her songs ; HELLO , SOMEONE LIKE YOU
 The genres of these is pop, i love her rythm ,her lyrics and Adels voice also; i find a pleasur when i listen to this music 

This is a biography of Adele

Adele was born in North London, England, on May 5, 1988 Her first two albums, 19 and 21. She also received a songwriting Oscar." After becoming a mom, Adele returned to the charts in autumn 2015 with the ballad "Hello,"

Here is some lyrics of my best song :

Nevermind, I’ll find someone like you.I wish nothing but the best for you too.Don’t forget me, I beg, I remember you said:-« Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead »Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead, yeah.

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  1. Hi,Fatima i think Adele is a good choice in music.I think she has a very good voice too. I noticed that you haven't commented on my blog post yet, I was wondering if you could d that soon too. Anyways, Adele is very good I'm glad you like her.